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Find What are the best alternatives for JUUL vape pod.

Best Juul Alternatives Vape Pods

Juul Labs is a leading electronic cigarette company and known by its different flavors of e-cigs. This company packs nicotine salts from natural leaf tobacco into cartridges of one-time use type. Many people who vape Juul e-cigs in recent times search for JUUL alternatives. This is because more than a few valuable reasons. For example, the pod of e-cigs from this brand is a closed system. This system limits almost every vaper user to only things provided by this successful manufacturer.  
Users of the Juul Pods cannot refill with other stuff. They have to buy new pods instead of replacing the stuff in pods. Pods of this brand are not enough to fulfil vaping expectations of users. These pods must be replaced often. The battery capacity of Juul is rated 200mAh and less when compared to vape pens.  The following details explain you about some popular Juul alternatives at this time. 

Here are some Alternatives to the JUUL


Suorin Drop 

Suorin Drop is a stylish device and renowned pod mod. Users of this product do not get much difficulty with high and dry problems. You can read honest reviews of this product and decide on how to reap benefits from a proper use of this product. The distinctive curve design of this pod is available with a tight mouthpiece on top which mimics the tobacco cigarettes. The capacity of internal battery of this product is 300 mAh. Refillable pods offered by this brand give loads of advantages to all users. Customers of this brand are satisfied with hundreds of nicotine salt flavors and juicy flavor-rich hits from the dual wicking system. They are happy as well as confident to recommend this product to individuals with likeminded interests to vape. They ensure about the overall quality of products from this brand and fulfil their wishes about the enjoyable vaping.  

Smok Infinix 

Smok’s Infinix pod system is lean and slim. This product weighs 2 grams and gets recognized by its powerful stuff. Almost every user of the Juul can easily replace it with Infinix from the Smok. Pods and battery of this e-cig are better than Juul. Tight pod system from this brand is satisfying every user who likes the feel of the tobacco cigarette.  If you wish to vape e-cigs and get the tobacco smoking feel, then you can choose and use this e-cig. The cost-effective nature of this product encourages almost everyone to directly order and use it. There are two fit pods in the starter kit of this product. This product is cheaper than the starter kit of Juul.  


Mi-pod is a tiny pod mod with strong vape production and maximum power to rival large box mod devices on the market. This product has 950 mAh internal high drain battery. The best airflow in this product’s pod system assists all users to hit mouth to lung vapes. Users of this product are happy as big airy direct to their favorite lung vapes. Refillable nature of the 2ml pods and incredible looks of pods with great color ways make users more contented than ever.